C-26 Rimfire Steel Plate Rack
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C-26 - Rimfire Steel Plate Rack: $239.00 Plus Shipping


The .22 Caliber Plate Rack features six 4" diameter AR 500 Steel Targets, 1/4" thick. The AR500Steel absorbs bullet impact without damage.

Shoot targets down from top; Shoot them back up from the bottom! No manual reset required, just keep shooting.

The angled deflector directs missed shots safely down to the ground.  The legs are removable for ease of transport.


Overall size: 34 w x 18 d x 24 h.

Shipping weight: 34 lbs



The targets produced by CMP are made from AR500 steel for long life and minimum damage due to bullet strikes. The stands, bases and mounting brackets are made from normal steel and can be damaged by repeated bullet strikes, and will not withstand rifle bullet strikes. The design of the targets protects much of the base or hanger with the AR500 target face, but occasional hits will occur. The hardware used to mount the targets is Grade 8 and will better withstand repeated bullet strikes. Never use a lower grade of bolt. Replacement hardware is available from CMP.

Pistol shooting at our targets should be performed beyond a range of 15 yards.
Rifle (max 3000 feet per second at impact) shooting at our targets should be performed beyond a range of 100 yards.
Never use armor piercing or steel core bullets to shoot any target
Always place the target in front of a backstop to capture any bullets which miss the target.
Always inspect the targets and support structure before and after use for damage and for proper and safe operation.





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